Big Data, Internet of Things and Share Economy

#BigData, Internet of Things and Share Economy

– the basic question and answer is “communication”

Let me summarize few key points which need to be observed for a successful use of these concepts:

  1. Take care of your data quality.
    Like every controller you know the sentence “sh* in – sh* out”. To be able to handle this quality problem, you will need to “communicate” with your IT and your customer.
  2. Don’t mingle your data only for convenience.
  3. Avoid proprietary solutions and
  4. Boost the use of ubiquitous solutions and technologies.
  5. Don’t set up a Big Data Strategy based on legacy systems.
  6. Know your questions and
  7. Know your target audience.
    If you don’t know which information you want to provide and how to present them, your insights will not be a big help for better decisions. Prepare the dashboard and all visualisations based on the individual requirements of each recipient.
  8. Select your source and the technical / statistical methods available based on your needs. If they are inadequate, check point 3.
  9. Inform your team and customer. The human is also a part of the “system”. Less but clear data are more valuable than a lot of data trash.
  10. It’s important to note the protection of personality rights.

Figuratively speaking you will need to speak in “one” language using the same vocabulary and the same tools to handle distances.

With the “communication” as the link, the convergence between the virtual world (internet) and the real environment will progress with mobility and miniaturization of commonplace tools.


BIG Data,  Internet of Things & share economy

Only companies, which actively supports these requirements will be highly competitive in the future.


About: Working as a Consultant, Interim Manager and as a tech-enthusiast for many years Ricardo T. Morita support companies in special situations like during PMI, restructuring or in business development.

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